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™ªâ™ªâ™ª My name is Ronnie Coleman and I’m an 8time Mr. Olympia and current IFBB pro, and I’m here today to tell you guys more about my training, nutrition and supplementation. ♪♪♪ Real quick before we get into that, let me tell you a bit more about me. I got into bodybuilding and I did it working full time.

As a police officer. ♪♪♪ It kind of goes back to growing up. When I was a kid, you know, my mom pretty much had a strict regimen that we followed. Before she went to work, she just laid out everything she wanted us to do before she came back. When we went to school, we had to come home and do our homework.

Right away, you know, before we went out and played and stuff. If it wasn’t done when she got back, you was in a lot of trouble. A hard head makes a real soft behind. Just beenjust followed me all throughout my life. I’ve been training all my life and I had a pretty good background in just training but, you know, not training as a bodybuilder but just training, just to keep in shape and.

Training for football and training for the college team and that kind of stuff. I went to college for 4 years and got my degree, it was a BS degree in accounting and kind of graduated with honors and everything, so I was at the top of the class. Couldn’t wait to get out of school so I could get a job in accounting. So I’d go out and I’d put in probably about.

At least a thousand resumes. I’d get called on some interviews and the thing that they wanted most, I didn’t have and that was experience. So I was bored so a buddy of mine said, quot;Oh, I’m going to Dallas.quot; I’m like, quot;Okay, I’ll go out there with you ’cause I ain’t got nothing to do at home.quot; So I get to Dallas and I’m like now, you know, I ain’t got.

Nothing to do so I need a job. Finally got a job, you know, working Domino’s Pizza part time and stuff. I figured that I’ll just stay there until I can get a job in accounting. So cut to the chase 2 years down the road and I still don’t have a job in accounting, you know? And I’m thinking, there’s something wrong here.

I used to get the paper every day and the only job that they had that you didn’t have to have experience was a police officer. I used to have a buddy of mine, he’s like, quot;Man, you need to apply.quot; I’m like, quot;Dude, that’s the craziest job in the world.quot; It didn’t sound so crazy after like, you know, 2 years so I just broke down and I applied and I was hired probably about 3 months later.

Dorian Yates Chest Biceps Workout Blood Guts Training Program

What I’ve noticed in the last 20 years is all this equipment, all this cardio equipment has been, like, downgraded to make it easier and easier and easier. It used to be, like, Level 8 on the Lifecycle was pretty tough. Now, it’s like, to get the same, you gotta be on Level 16. It’s just dumbed down to make people believe that they’re doing more.

Treadmill works better if you let go. What we’re doing here, working the supraspinatus on the rotator cuff muscles. It’s more of a prevention thing. As your delts get stronger and stronger, those internal muscles are not getting any stronger. They get overpowered and injured. These are things that I wish I knew when I started training.

Rest, just rest on any surface so the delts are not working. Up.really slow, controlled movement. Back a bit more. If you’re struggling too much, it’s probably too heavy. Then you start bringing the delts in and using momentum. Just a general warmup’s good, just to get blood flowing, in any workout.

That’s the misconception about this exercise, that it somehow just works the lower back. It doesn’t. It works the whole pec and it’s probably the most effective pec exercise. Pecs bring your upper arm down and across your body. That’s the function of the pecs, and a flat bench press will be positioned there.

The decline be positioned there. Takes a lot of stress off that pec tendon area that a lot of people get injured on bench press, and there’s more pec involvement. This is what I want you to visualize. Take the weight off here. Now, if you can imagine a big coiled spring, like on a car suspension.

As the weight comes down, imagine that that spring’s getting compressed, and all that energy and all that power is getting compressed, and then when it goes to your chest, like.Keep it controlled, nice and slow on the way down. Just building up that power, and then bang it out. No bouncing. Powerful, you know? Your bar, bam, good.

Two, three, four. Keep your hands on the bar. Five. It doesn’t matter if you’re putting ’em outside or inside, but you have this habit of going like this at the top. Yeah, if it rolls off, man, you’re gonna be screwed. Controlled negative, powerful positive, yeah? Come on, Chris.

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