Stop al Mal di Schiena Back Pain Exercises

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Stretching panca a inversione

Stretching’s exercise. Inversion Bench. This type of exercise falls within the category of the spine traction treatments. The inversion bench is a tool that allows you to lie upside down. It allows to achieve the desired angle in a gradual way to relieve back pain, to restore the natural appearance of the spine and of the posture. The exercise technique is essentially based on the exploitation of gravity force that helps to relax and stretch the column’s vertebrae by lying down on a bench that inverts the upright position and lightens or vanishes (depending by the angle of inversion) the load on your back. Who suffers back pain by disc compression, or herniated disc, during the reversal feels relief following the relaxation of the muscles and of the spine’s vertebrae. In fact, the distancing of the vertebrae is important for the spine flexibility. By reversing the bench you can increase your height of 1 cm.

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