How To Hollow Bodybarchetta BK Street Workout

Welcome Today, we talk about Hollow Body basic exercise for the core pelvis retroversion the typical error is to think it is a normal crunch the exercise is the retroversion of the pelvis infact.

In the final position We normally have the curvature of the spine then there will be a slight space from the ground retroversion is the undo this space pelvis retroversion are trying to bring the abdomen towards the ground this is pelvis retroversion this space here to be canceled this is pelvis retroversion.

We begin to see the propaedeutic how to start working on this hollow body? the full version will initially be very difficult we start from the basic version pelvis retroversion bent knees we maintain the position when the exercise will become easier.

We go to the next step We bring your arms even further behind 30 second of this one next one 30 second next here always increasing.

To the final position when we have acquired at least 3060 second last position we could add the legs we start from the beginning pelvis retroversion legs raised arms from the start point repeat the same pattern.

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