Hula Hoop Basics Vol 3 How to do the Booty Bump Hula Hoop Trick

So let’s start with the booty bump, bending over to get it started. So we just learned the body movement, the cat cal movement, so now we’re going to start by leaning forward and placing the hoop on the small of your back. Take the feet about shoulder width distance apart; bend the knees a little bit. So if you hoop towards the left, you’re going to give the hoop a spin to the left, if you hoop to the right, give the hoop a spin to the right. So bending over, feeling that connection with the hoop on your lower back, we’re going to give the hoop a spin in your natural direction and your going to really want to feel the connection that the hoop makes with your lower back and with your belly. So as the hoop rolls.

Across your lower back, push up, as the hoop rolls across the belly you’re dropping the belly down. It’s that continual cat cal motion. Also pay attention to what your feet are doing. It really helps to come up to the tips of your toes. So as the hoop lifts up, come up to the tips of your toes and push up. As the hoop drops down, come onto the balls of your feet ad drop. This is a really challenging move so take your time, keep breathing, take it slow, you can do it.

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