ACROBATICA Ruota senza mani Tutorial 12 Sub ENG

Hi, guys! This is a tutorial for the Aerial. It’s not an easy technique, so I’d not suggest to start with this one if you’ve never done anything acrobatic before. I’d start with easier moves and then gradually progress to more difficult ones like the aerial. So, let’s start with the exercises. I’ll save the technical explanations for later, if you’re particularly interested. Obviously this tutorial will teach you how to do the aerial without any equipment, so it’ll be more difficult than if we had them like the springfloor used in gymnastics, which really comes in handy to increase the jump with your forward leg.

As a first exercise, it’d be useful, but not strictly necessary to be able to do the quot;dive cartwheelquot; and the quot;push cartwheelquot; as these two types of cartwheel can give you an idea about the jump you’ll have to use in the aerial, although the technique is completely different knowing these will give you some advantage. Now I’ll show you the push cartwheel and the dive cartwheel. If you want to learn these two, here you’ll find, if present, a link to the tutorial. The aerial technique is composed of 6 main parts: the first is the lunge. It allows to bend the first leg and use it to push to get in the air.

If you lunge too far you’ll be unbalanced, so find the right distance for your height. Secondly, there’s the dip of the torso over the thigh. The more mobility your torso has, the easier and better this will be. In the third and fourth place you have to swing your back leg straight, fast and UP, while pushing with the front leg. These two movements will give you speed and height. Then there’s the aerial phase, in which your hips will rotate 180 degrees in order to land. While pushing with the front leg and lifting with the back leg, sling your arms along your torso in order to keep it tight and help to rotate your hips.

If you lift your left leg back, then sling forward with your left arm. This way: left leg and left arm. This will rotate your torso so that while in the air you’ll rotate 180 degrees. As a third exercise, do the technique I just showed from a slightly elevated platform. From a bench, on the grass going slightly downwards, anywhere there is a slightly raised spot. Do all the 6 movements I just showed. You’ll have more time in the air and you’ll be better able to land your aerial. The exercise is similar to the dive cartwheel: there, you jump and rotate in the air before touching the ground with your hands. Here, the difference is in the shoulders that in the aerial remain at the same height in the air, while the body rotates, while in the dive cartwheel your center of gravity moves forward.

So, do the aerial from the elevated platform, but touch the ground with your hands just before landing. As a fourth exercise, do the exact same thing, but without touching the ground with your hands. Basically, an aerial from an elevated position. Remember to JUMP with your first leg, SWING your arms and do everything FAST. What you’ve just seen is a small progression to learn the aerial. Of course, it’s not something you will learn on the first try. It’s important to train and drill, drill, drill. Repetita Iuvant, as the old vietnameses said. 2 more things about this cartwheel: as I said before, learning without any equipment is harder so spotting techniques are important.

In the next tutorial, I’ll show you a couple of those, which will allow you to forgo any equipment, thanks to a spotter who will assist you during the motion. So, the cartwheel is a rotation arount the sagittal axis of the body, and since our limbs don’t touch the ground, it’s not an overturn or a roll, as those are both rotations around both the sagittal and the transversal axis of the body. It’s not a roll as in a roll there is a continuous contact with the ground, as in the handstand, the parkour roll etc. It’s not even an overthrow as an overthrow has 2 aerial phases: one before and one after touching the ground with the hands, as in the dive cartwheel, the push cartwheel, the roundoff, the front or backhandspring. It’s a jump, kinda like the frontflip front somersault or the backflip back somersault. The aerial is like those.

Hope you liked the tutorial. If you have any questions, write them in the comments. See you in the next tutorial!.

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