On the floor on your back with your legs bent and the soles of the feet placed on the floor. hands behind his head elbows open. He raises the upper back, contracting your abdominal muscles and keeping your lower back flat on the floor perfectly. Lie on your back with your legs bent and feet off the ground, contracting your abdominal muscles brings your knees toward your chest, slightly raising the hips off the floor until you reach the maximum contraction. At ground supine, one leg is slightly flexed, with the sole of the foot resting against the floor, the other stretched. A hand behind his head with his elbow well open, the other arm extended along the bust.

Contracting your abdominal muscles raises the shoulder by turning slightly the bust and at the same time brings the leg lying on his chest. A land legs slightly bent with your heels flat on the floor, upper body tilted at 45 , abdomen well contract. Pushing down on the abdominal area, turn your torso and make sure only rotate your torso. To make this exercise you can use a heavy weight like a medicine ball, a book or a bottle. Lying on the ground, with your upper body and your legs slightly off the floor, arms crossed over his chest. Pushing down on the abdominals, raise your upper body and bend your legs to your chest.

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