VFit Express Tettorali da urlo

Hallo guys, here’s a new tutorial for the VFitExpress, my fitness section in collaboration with Fit Express. One of the goals of these tutorials is to get a decent physique to show off in summer and one thing that must be perfect are boobs and pectoral. Well boobsoral, right? It’s more unisex this way… Yeah! This could work. So this week I’m gonna show you some exercises to have tonic boobsoral like. …Like Shwepps!.

Eh? Well it’s tonic water, isn’t it? Let’s get started. First of all let’s take two weights appropriate within our grasp. I took them pink!!! Sit on the bench with a 3045° tilt angle and push the weights above you. Hold them firmly both when you lift them and when you take them down.

Otherwise they’ll slip on your head and you’ll end up like him. Stay on the bench and using the same weights do the crosses. Stay in a crucified horizontal position and lift the weights over your chest shouting quot;Mea Culpaquot; for every chocolate muffin you ate behind the scenes knowing that I’m still on a strict diet! MeaCulpa MeaCulpa MeaCulpa… For the last exercise we’re going to do two different things for males and females. You Willies do normal push ups.

Or if you want you can try to do Spartan push ups: you can do them putting one hand above the other and vice versa like a real. FAGGY SPARTAN!!! Oh please, it’s the same thing… Pussies instead are going to do Pull Overs. Lay down on the bench, take a weight and hold it with your hands like this. Ahahah… Now I wanna see how you will explain that That’s the sign for Vagina.

Proudly claiming your femininity. Then lift your arms straight from behind your head to above your chest, making a 90° arch. Yeah, anyway I’ve heard the noise of your nails scratching the glasses. Shut up, floozy! Let’s check the results. In a pan toast 80gr3oz of rice in a spoon of extra virgin olive oil adding a teaspoon of rosemary. Add little by little a cup of hot broth and cook until it’s fully absorbed, stirring often.

Make the rice creamy with a teaspoon of butter and 4 spoons of parmesan. Serve hot. Cooked Express and deflowered! That’s all for this week. Remember, you can train with me at Fit Express in Via Andrea Doria 17 in Milan opened 247, following my tutorial advices right here. If you have questions or you want to ask me some exercises write me on Twitter or Facebook using the hashtag VFitExpress.

Or leave me a comment below. Don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you next week with a new tutorial! Bye!.

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