VFit Express Stiamo in gamba

Hallo guys, here’s a new tutorial for the VFitExpress, my fitness section in collaboration with Fit Express. Summer is approaching and soon we’ll start wearing shorts. So this week we’re going to work our legs to be ready to show them off with no shame! My legs are awesome. So winding and graceful like twigs. Rather than twigs, they look like giant sequoia trunks.

And if you don’t wanna end up like him, then just start working out with me. One day you’ll regret it, I swear! You’re gonna regret it! As usual, start with some aerobic warm up. Let’s use the Wave again that focus on legs and gluteus as we’ve seen before. How can you like this machine? It’s so exciting! I feel like I’m running to reach my success,.

As if I’m working hard to get what I really want! I LOVE IT! And the psycho fag would be me? QUEER ALERT! Run! This is not a drill… False alarm… To workout quads use the Leg Press. Sit on the machine with the sole against the platform, load the appropriate weight for your needs.

And then simply bend and extend the legs but never all the way otherwise your knees get stuck and you’re stuck there too. And now what? Then use this other machine, the Leg Extension. Just sit and lift the weight with both legs and hammer feet. Like this. Everything allright overthere? Yeah, terrific. Don’t forget to do the French when you’ve finished cutting them.

Flench yes. No wolly, Sil. No wolly. We’ve already seen gluteus’ exercises in this tutorial. But I’ll suggest you another one that also works as an arobic activity. Take the step, put it at the highest level, Then climb up and down with quite a fast pace. Pay attention, place the whole sole on the step otherwise you could fall and seriously get hurt. I’m sorry, may I?.

What? Let’s make this more interesting. Follow me. AND FIVE, SIX, FIVESIXSEVENEIGHT. Climb up and climb down. Climb up and climb down. Now you burn the fat. And you’ll have nice thighs. Now just rise your knee. And the other one. I’m sorry but where did you have all this energy? I have always had it. With you never used it!.

And go fuck yourself. I really wish I could! Let’s work on calfs still using the Step. Set it at the lowest level, climb on the edge with your tiptoe, keep the body straight and then lift up like ballet dancers. Well? Have you already ran out of energy? Oh no, I’m keeping them ’cause I got another show in 10 minutes. I need some rest. All those years spent idling weren’t enough?.

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